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An evening with Skrei

An evening with Skrei
Wednesday 10th February is dedicated to the Norwegian speciality Skrei.
Skrei is cod from the Beering Sea which is only caught from January until July. 
Our head chef, Kim Karlsson has dedcicated an evening to this Norwegian speciality.
Our local fishmonger will be attending to present this fantastic commodity.
This dinner will be served at 7pm.
Skrei sashimi
Sashimi with caramelized potatopurè, chutney and Avruga caviar
Skrei salad
Salted skrei with bucktorn jelly, deepfried bulgur and cucumber
Smoked skrei
With poshed egg, artichoke foam and artichoke crisp
Fried skrei 
With pickled onion, petit pois, glazed rootbeet, potatopurè, deepfried capers and bacon
The history of chocolate
Varieties of chocolate. From the origin to today.
With soft sand dunes, the long sandy beach and open sea right outside the hotel this will be an evening with great atmosphere.
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