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Tapas buffet (minimum 15 people)  NOK. 415,- per person

Warm dishes: Tapas sausages, Albondigas (meat balls) with tomato sauce, BBQ chicken

Cold dishes: Serrano ham, chorizo and Italian salami, ceviche of Halibut from Hjelmeland, smoked peppered salmon from Karmøy with horseradish, marinated scampi with sesame seeds, baked cod from Jæren with sundried tomatoes, potato salad made with potatoes from Jæren, pasta salad with tuna and capers, tomato salad with tomatoes from Jæren with fresh cheese, cheese from Voll with apricot, aioli, pesto, artichokes, baked peppers, marinated asparagus and olives 

Desserts NOK. 55,- per person
Confectionary cake, fresh cheese with marinated berries, chocolate mousse and panna cotta 

Buffet with dessert (minimum 15 people) NOK. 395,- per person

Salads: Shrimp salad, potato salad, and Waldorf salad 

Dressings: Rémoulade, mustard dressing, thousand island, mayonnaise and sour cream

Herring: Pickled herring, aquavit herring and tomato herring

Various side dishes: Mussels, beetroots, pickled cucumber, red cabbage, sauerkraut, fried onion, asparagus, pineapple, sweet corn, cranberry

Meat: Cured ham, cured leg of mutton, roast beef, American ham, Hunters ham, Viking ham, dill marinated shoulder butt of ham. 

Fish: Smoked salmon from Karmøy, cured salmon from Karmøy, boiled salmon, hot smoked peppery salmon from Karmøy

Desserts: Caramel cream, chocolate pudding, jelly, cakes, dessert sauces, cheese and biscuits 

Prawn buffet (minimum 15 people) NOK. 375, - per person

Prawns with mayonnaise, salad, lemon, aioli, butter and homemade bread.