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Monthly spa offer

Scalp massage de luxe 50 mins.

A scalp-, neck-, shoulder-, arms- and hands massage, and a back massage. Releases tension and is very relaxing. Particularly good for those who are stressed or have headaches or migraines.
Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays throughout April NOK 790,- (ordinary price NOK 990,-)

Classic facial treatment 50 mins

Skin analysis, cleanse, peeling, tailored mask. Facial massage and a neck- and shoulder massage. Serum and moisturiser fit for your skin. 

Thursdays throughout April NOK 790,- (ordinary price NOK 990,-)

Entrance to the wellness center, where you can enjoy a counter-current pool, three saunas, a cold plunge pool and relaxation areas, is included in all of our treatments.
Please call us on 51 94 30 25 or send us an email at to book an appointment.